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Donna Bridges, CEO
U.S. Air Force Veteran Donna Sumpter Bridges is the youngest of 11 children born to Sherman and Gladys Sumpter. Married to Reginald Bridges in 1998, their union produced one son, Lance Elijah and through this marriage Donna gained a bonus son, Reginald Jr. (RJ).  RJ has blessed Donna and Reggie with two granddaughters A’virell and Yancey. Donna earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from California State University. She currently balances her duties as a full time wife and mother with substitute teaching and her role as CEO at BOTW.

Reginald Bridges, CFO
U.S. Air Force Retiree Reginald Bridges Sr. is the seventh of nine children born to Roy and Elizabeth Bridges.  During his years of service Reginald earned an Avionics Technology Degree from the Community College of the Air Force and a General Aviation and Technology degree from Embry Riddle University. He is currently in his 14th year as a Completion Supervisor at Lockheed Martin Aerospace in Marietta, Georgia.


Board of Directors

Debbie Breland, Educator of more than 30 years
Pamela Bridges, Retired SMSGT, US Army 24 years of service
Cynthia Burney, Retired CMSGT, US Air Force 26 years of service
Garrick Burney, Retired  CMSGT US, Air Force 30 years of service

Ryan Burney, Director of Marketing
Aiesha Khan, Educator of more than 10 years

Douglas Lockett, Retired SMGT, US Army 22 years of service
Crystal Walker, Business Manager

Lance Bridges, Student